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CrystalFontz CFA634-TMC-KS LCD

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Whether you use this to display system info from your computer desktop or you decide to mount it on your case somewhere, do not miss out on a mod that will quickly become a new fad. After playing with the software, installing, testing, etc, I must say that the CrystalFontz 634 LCD display is of exceptional quality. Not only is the size plenty big to clearly read, the actual lettering is VERY crisp and clean. The ability to change baud rates on this unit is also a great feature for support of various motherboards and systems. Another great feature to the 634 LCD is the ability to convert it from serial to USB interface with a quick-connecting cable. If all your serial ports are taken and you happen to have open USB ports, have no fear! The software used to run the unit was also very impressive. It gave me the option to run more than one LCD and took very little documentation to get the hang of?right after I installed, I was able to instantly jump in and start playing with screens.

After hanging out on CrystalFontz forums for a while, I was impressed by the many uses which users thought of for their LCD placement and I even noticed someone dipped their LCD in resin and used in on their jet ski! The only real downside to this unit that I am able to spot is the fact that it certainly is not plug and play. If you have never soldered before, it?s time to learn because the unit will not light unless you are able to solder power to the rear of the LCD in the designated leads. The last thing I was a little discouraged about is the inability to perform with my favorite LCD software, LCDC. Although the CrystalFontz software did have many similar options as LCDC, I noticed that it did not have the ability to show weather forecasts or take streaming news feeds ? my favorite two features.

If you are interested in this unit, it is available with white backlight and blue lettering, black backlight and yellow lettering, green backlight and black lettering or without the backlight all together! I would not have a problem recommending this unit to ANYONE interested in modding or just computer fun because of the limitless possibilities. Pick one up from for $60.00 + the cost of power cable and Serial cable. $60.00 may seem like an awful lot for something so small, but when compared to the price of the Matrix Orbital 2x20 LCD with keypad for $112.00, the price really doesn?t seem so bad!

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