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Monitor Makeover Part II

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Part C- Adding LED Fans!

Thanks to

For Providing Us With The Three LED Fans used in this Mod

- 1-3 case fans, any size your monitor will hold (I used 80mm quad LED fans from FrozenCPU)
- 3+ feet of speaker wire/CAT5/any wire to run from your fans to your computer.
- A dremel or hole saw
- A drill with a 5/32? and 3/8? or ?? bit
- A fan grill for the size fan you?re using
- A pencil or marker
- Sandpaper
- Electrical tape
- 1 male and 1 female molex connector

For the record, I cut my fan holes with a dremel #105 engraving bit. This is the same bit I used for my bay logo guide.

The Process
First thing you will want to do is remove the casing. A discharge is only necessary if you want to. Since you?ll be working with the casing, not the internals, it?s not required. Pick out a spot as far back as you can that is not blocked by any components inside. I say as far back as possible because, through extensive testing, I?ve found that fans generate enough EMI to cause jitters/refresh lines/general fuzziness in your monitor. This is true of CCFL?s as well. Making this guide, I did not take this into consideration, and I now suffer a fuzzy spot in my screen whenever the fan is on. Place the fan grill where you have chosen to place the fan and trace the outline of the outermost circle onto the casing.

I found an old rackmount power supply and took out its fan to use the hole as my guide. This made a slightly larger hole than I wanted, but it worked and I could cut with it screwed in.

The next step is to begin cutting or drilling on t of nside of this line, so as to leave room for errors to be sanded/filed out later. Do this all the way around until you have a nice, even circle. File/sand/de-burr as necessary. Next, line up a fan and mark the screw holes. Drill them with the 5/32? bit. De-burr as necessary.

Place the fan grill over the holes and screw it in. Place the fan on the inside of the casing and screw it in.

Connect the 4-pin connector to the molex connector and connect that to the speaker wire/CAT5/whatever wire you chose. Solder if preferred. Tape. Run this through a 3/8 or ?? hole in the back of the monitor. Connect the other molex connector to the other end just as in MM Part I. That sure was easy. Repeat for the other fan(s). Remember to place them far back. You can attach the other fans to the extension on the first fan.

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