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Monitor Makeover Part II

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Special Edition: The Monitor Bus

Thanks to

For Providing Us With The 3.5" Rheobus used in this Mod

- Baybus of your desired brand (I used the 3.5" BayBus from FrozenCPU)
- ?? drill bit
- Drilling template

The Process
This is quite possibly the easiest monitor mod of all. The best place to install this baybus is right above the anode cap. Most monitors have a drop-off on the top of the casing then a flat lower back. The part right before it drops provides the clearance needed. To install, do like you would any other baybus. Place the template.

Drill your holes.

Put in the bay, and wire everything up. A normal baybus can control the CCFL in your monitor too. For mine, I used the FrozenCPU 3-port 3.5? bay baybus (that I just reviewed) since I had 3 items. It also makes wire hiding easier with a baybus.

There you have it. You now have quite possibly the coolest mod ever. Enjoy.

Blue Monitor LED?s and keyboard LED?s.


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