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Gigabyte GA-7VAXP Ultra Motherboard

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The Board


The motherboard has one of the best layouts I've seen...seriously! You will notice that the power connector is in a location where it will block little or no air flow. The IDE and Floppy connectors aren't across from the AGP slot so you're compatible with all AGP cards. The USB and IEEE1394 connectors are at the very bottom of the board so that the cables don't get in the way of any other PCI cards you may have installed. Last and most important, there are no capacitors around the processor socket therefore your limitations on installable heatsinks is lowered greatly. Gigabyte did a great job on designing the layout of the board.

Below are pictures to familiarize you with the different items on the board...

Here we can see the 5 PCI Slots as well as the AGP 8x/4x slot. Above the 4th and 5th PCI slots you can see the Realtek LAN Chip. Above the AGP slot you can see the AC'97 Sound Chip and the Analog sound connectors.

Here you can see the Multiplier DIP switches. The multiplier setting of your processor depends on the order in which you have them flipped. All off is Auto. Note: In the full board pic you may have noticed another dip switch by the PCI slots. This is for adjusting the FSB of your processor. Off is Auto and On is for FSB 200MHz CPU's.

This is the Northbridge cooler...composed of a 40mm fan and copper heatsink.

Here you can see the RAM Slots as well as the IDE, Floppy, and Power Connectors. The top two IDE connectors are regular IDE ATA133/100/66 and the bottom two are RAID.

This is the Socket A port code named "Green Thunder."

Here you can see the Silicon Image SATA chip as well as the Promise RAID chip. Above those is the VIA Southbridge, Dual BIOS chips as well as the USB 2.0 Chip. Beside the Silicon Image chip you will see the SATA Connectors and beside those is the F. Panel. Right above the F. Panel are the IEEE1394 and USB 2.0 Connectors. Note: You can see that extra DIP switch mentioned above in this pic, it's right below the 2nd and 3rd PCI slots.

Here you have you standard ports. PS/2, LAN and USB, Printer and Serial, Game Port and Sound.

This concludes the Contents and Board section of the review. I would like to congratulate Gigabyte on doing such a nice job on the accessories included with the board as well as the overall layout. This board is very easy to install and set up. The location of the IDE connectors make it easy to hide your bulky cables because they are close to the drive racks. Can this board get any better? We're about to find out...

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