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Gigabyte GA-7VAXP Ultra Motherboard

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This is the front of the box. It lists some of the key features of the motherboard. Nice and shiny also :-)

The back of the box as you can see. It tells you just about all there is to know about the board and its features. Reading the back of the box upon arrival of the product got me drooling!

This is what I was greeted with upon opening the box. You can immediately tell that there is an enormous amount of accessories.

After some digging you can see all the accessories.

After what seemed like hours of digging we finally struck gold. My first word upon seeing the board: "Abuhhh!" *Drool* *Drip* "CRAP!" The green, blues, and purples make the board look extremely pimped out. It's sure to turn some heads at LAN parties. In fact, the editor of the site, Tom, was highly impressed with the look and style of the board when I showed up with it installed in my rig.

Talk about a mountain of stuff..that's what we have here! Here comes the list...

  • GA-7VAXP Ultra Motherboard
  • IDE Cables (2x ATA133/100/66; 1x Floppy)
  • Motherboard driver CD
  • User's Manual
  • I/O Shield
  • Motherboard settings sticker and case badge
  • SATA Cables (2x)
  • RAID Manual
  • 4 Port USB 2.0 Cable
  • 3 Port IEEE1394 Cable
  • Audio Combo Kit
  • SPD Kit
  • Quick PC Install Guide
  • SATA RAID Manual
  • GC-SATA Card (1x SATA Cable; 1x Power Cable)

    Below are pictures of every included item...

    GA-7VAXP Ultra Motherboard.

    IDE Cables (2x ATA133/100/66; 1x Floppy).

    Driver CD and Manuals.

    I/O Shield.

    Motherboard Sticker and Case Badge.

    SATA Cables.

    USB 2.0 Cable.

    IEEE1394 Cable.

    Audio/SPD Kit.

    Installation Guidelines Poster.

    SATA Card (View 1). Layout of the card.

    SATA Card (View 2). This is where the 2 SATA cables plug in from the motherboard as well as the power cable.

    SATA Card (View 3). This is the back plate that you would see in one of the slots on the back of your case.

    Power Cable for SATA Card.

    Whew...That's it I think. At least now you have an idea of what all you get piece by piece. E-mail your thank-you to :-)

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