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Gigabyte GA-7VAXP Ultra Motherboard

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As with just about every hardware review here, you have your benchmarks. These are what really show you how well the hardware performs. I found the results to be surprising.

Test System:
  • AMD Athlon XP2200+
  • Gigabyte GA-7VAXP Ultra BIOS Rev. f4
  • 256MB Micron PC2700
  • 80GB Maxtor ATA133 8MB Cache HDD
  • Gainward GeForce4 Ti4800 SE

    WCPUID, just basic information about the processor.

    SiSoftware Sandra 2003 Professional CPU Arithmetic Benchmark. The #'s pretty much speak for themselves. I would have liked to have seen the processor score a little higher in both the Dhrystone and Whetstone.

    SiSoftware Sandra 2003 Professional CPU Multi-Media Benchmark. The #'s here are fairly reasonable.

    SiSoftware Sandra 2003 Professional Memory Bandwidth Benchmark. These #'s are above average being we are only using PC2700 RAM.

    At first I was not pleased with the 3DMark2001 SE score. On the next page you will see how high the score shot up when I manually adjusted my ram timing and ran a CPU Frequency of 145.

    I don't really like all. These results, as low as they are, don't show the true performance of the video card. I just though I would throw this in here for shitz and gigglez. You can disregard the results.

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