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Gigabyte GA-7VAXP Ultra Motherboard

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This is the part all you hardcore performance enthusiasts have been waiting for. How well does the board overclock you ask? I'm not sure if I want to tell ya right now...well, hold on lemme go get some iced tea. Back! The board overclocks very well but is also very limited. It doesn't auto unlock B Core Processors and there is no ratio or multiplier settings. And the biggest problem/limitation of all....the CPU Frequency only goes to a maximum of 165!

I was able to overclock the 2200+ we used in this review to a speed of 2,025 MHz. That's with a frequency of 150MHz and a core voltage setting of 1.81V. I was able to go much higher and use my system normally but when I went to install anything it would randomly restart. I was able to go all the way up to 160MHz frequency successfully. The board is a great overclocker it's just extremely limited. Gigabyte needs to crank up the maximum CPU Frequency setting and add some ratio options to their next BIOS revision.

Upon manually setting my RAM timings, tweaking my vid card settings and overclocking it to 325/690 and running my CPU at a frequency of 150MHz. I was able to squeeze a score of...

12,236 3DMark2001 SE Points. This is way higher than 10,900. Over a 1,000Pt. increase. That's pretty impressive.

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