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Soltek SL-75FRN-L Motherboard

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Manufacturer: Soltek
Product Name: SL-75FRN-L Motherboard
Review Date: 03.20.03
Reviewer: Win2kITPro

Thanks to

For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

Soltek was founded in 1996 as a professional high-end motherboard producer with a bright outlook for tomorrow. They try to get all of their employees for their R&D team to have at least 15 years of experience, so you know that you?re going to get a quality product from these fine people. All of their products go through rigorous testing to ensure that the consumer will be superbly satisfied with their purchases. Soltek mostly targets the gamer, computer professional, along with heavy users and system integrators. They have prided themselves on providing everybody with a stable system solution. I haven?t had much experience with Soltek in the past, but after this board was sent to me and I got one good look at it, I knew these guys were here to stay.

The board we have the honor and pleasure of reviewing, and experimenting with, is the SL-75FRN-L. This board supports a wave of new technology at a stable level. In the RAM category you have technologies such as Dual Channel DDR support bundled along with the DDR400 support! In the microprocessor category, Socket A of course, with support for the new 333FSB Processors which means it accepts the new Bartons. In the Graphics Accelerator category we have the not exactly new AGP 8x. And in the sound category you have onboard 6-channel audio. Almost all of the high-end boards today have these features, but not all of them are bug-free. The ABIT-KD7G supports all and more of these features but it gets me 3dMark01 score 6,000 points lower than what I hit with this. The DFI AD-77 Infinity was really buggy; you had to flash your bios with a new one to get it working right! That?s not what somebody wants to do a few hours after they throw together their new system! The board communication itself is sped up by the nForce2 SPP Northbridge and the nForce2 MCP Southbridge!

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