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Soltek SL-75FRN-L Motherboard

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There aren?t that many accessories included with this board. This is the reason for the lack of pictures in this section of the review.

Here is the box; you can see it shows off all of major supported technologies and its notable software bundle which consists of: PC-cillin 2002, VirtualDrive 7, RestoreIT! 3 Lite, PartitionMagic 6.0 SE, and DriveImage 4.0.

There aren?t a ton of accessories included, but they do give you the basics! By the basics I would mean a combined manual of all the software products included, a User?s Manual for the board itself, an I/O panel, a floppy cable, an ATA-133 IDE Cable, some flyers about their anti-burn protection, and of course the motherboard itself.

Pictures speak a thousand words, it doesn?t sound like there is that much but you can see you have ample resources when it?s all laid out in front of you.

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