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Soltek SL-75FRN-L Motherboard

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The Board

The layout of the board is pretty much the same as all the others. Some notable disturbances would include the location of the power connector ? below and to the left of the CPU socket. This could affect the airflow of your processor cooling fan somewhat which in turn could raise temps. Another disturbance would be that the bottom latch of the first DIMM socket gets in the way of your video card as well as the latch not closing over the support leg of the video card on the AGP slot which could cause larger cards to ? fall out ? during transportation of your rig to a LAN party. And the last disturbance would have be the location of the Floppy Connector which is right beside the 3rd PCI Slot. This is not a major problem though being that more and more people are shying away from the use of floppy drives. Other than that everything is fine and dandy on the board.

Some better aspects of the board would be the look of cleanliness that it has. It almost seems like it?s just a bare board painted sparkly gold. The board has literally only 4 chips on it ? Winbond, Northbridge, Southbridge, and Sound. The Northbridge is equipped with an active cooling setup which seems to be pretty high performance; it keeps the SPP chip cool to the touch.

Splat, protein stains in the pants. I think it?s a nice board don?t you? The board layout isn?t that bad, there are only five PCI slots, I would have liked to have seen 6. There are two IDE 66/100/133 controllers one floppy controller, one AGP 8x/4x Slot, three DIMM Slots, as well as an easily replaceable BIOS chip. You?ll notice that the board uses the 12V Power connector on your power supply like most P4 motherboards do. Soltek says that this is to increase system stability and highly recommends you use this connector. You will start to see this 12V connector on almost all the nForce2 boards that will be released in the future.

This is the back of the board; you can see that it is also coated with gold. This also gives you a good idea of the layout of the main parts. You can see how good the gold color really looks.

Here is a shot of the I/O panel of the board. As you can see the board comes equipped with two USB 2.0 ports, one 10/100 LAN port, ps/2 mouse and keyboard ports, parallel, 2 serial, and 1 joystick port, then below all of that you have your sound connections.

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