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Opening Stealth Cd-Roms with an External Button

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LianLi Chassis Add-On to the External Button Guide.
After doing my stealth drive and external button, I came up with an idea that would make my Lian Li PC70 (courtesy of CrazyPC) shine. I was looking at my external 3.5? bays, and I thought to myself, ?What can I do with all that space?? It instantly hit me- mount the button! ?But how?? I thought. ?A gaudy button would ruin the look of my front panel. When I LAN, the button could also break off.? I decided right there I?d find a way to turn my 3.5? bay covers into buttons.

-Dremel and bits
-Lian Li or similar removable 3.5? cage
-3.5? bay covers
-Spare metal (I used the part that I cut out when I did my top window)
-Case screws
-Hard drive mounting kit for 5.25? bay (just the side rails)
-Momentary switch (this could be any kind of SPST momentary on/off switch)
-Misc screws
-Hammer or mallet
-Friends (to be amazed when the job is done)

NOTE: I chose to use a large momentary switch with a good spring to make the button return process simple. Other ways could include using springs and a micro switch, but you?ll have to come up with that one on your own. This guide will show you how to mount a large, high-tension switch.

The Process
The first thing we want to do is mod our drive cage so the cover to be used as the button will slide freely. This is done by Dremeling the screw holes out so the nubs that hold the bay cover will be able to slide front-to-back. I do not recommend using discs for this. Try any of the carbide cutters.

After this is done, you will want to check the fit and slide. The length of the extension will depend on the size switch you use. Next you will want to mount the drive rails. These are used to hold on the metal face. These will be mounted diagonally to allow for better travel on the bottom bay. It will depend on the size of your case for how you mount it finally, but here is a guide for the screws in a PC70. You can also see the original vs. the Dremeled out holders for the bay cover.

Now you should set that aside and start on your face. For this, we will shape a piece of metal (I used aluminum from my top window cutout) to fit between the rails and form a plate over the front of the cage. It will also screw into the drive rails and have the buttons mounted in it. I used a piece approximately 4.5? wide. I started by making 1.5? cuts on either side. The goal of the cuts is to leave a middle area exactly as wide as the area between the drive rails. This is to ensure a tight fit. After making the cuts, you will want to fold the flaps up to create a nice surface to screw into the drive rails. This is where a vice and a mallet come in handy.

After they are both bent up, you will want to test fit them. As you can see by my picture, mine were so perfect they actually suspended the entire 4.5x12 panel when I put the piece between the rails.

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