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Opening Stealth Cd-Roms with an External Button

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After you test the fit, remove the piece. You will want to find a way to mount it to your bench so you can bend the folded part down to the flat part. Mine was too long to fit in the vice, so I drilled holes on either side, screwed it into my workbench, and proceeded to bend it with a rubber mallet. It?s easier to understand with the pictures.

After this is done, you will want to test fit the piece again. This is to determine how much, if any, will need to be cut off the top to make it fit in the cage. You will also want to mark off where the screw holes will be for the drive rails.

Once you mark your cuts and holes, you will want to remove the piece again, drill your holes, and trim as necessary. You will most likely want to remove the drive rails, screw in the face, and replace the drive rails.

Next you will want to test where the bay cover will be and mark off as necessary for your button. Just put a cover in and take note of where it sits on the face. This will also give you an indication of how many washers you will need, if any.

Remove the cover and drill the hole for your button. Mount the button and any washers necessary. I used 1/8? of washers and 2 layers of Lian Li aluminum to make my button snug with my bay cover.

Put all of your covers on and test how well your button matches up with the other cover(s). Once you?re content, wire up the switch and put it all back in your case. Man that looks good.

But does it work? You tell me?Check out the video of my finished product!

(Sorry about the poor lighting and shaky camera. I held the camera in one hand and hit the button with the other. Twistedmods is not responsible for vomiting and motion sickness this video may cause.)

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