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Abit NF7-M Motherboard

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Manufacturer: Abit
Product Name: NF7-M Motherboard
Review Date: 06.22.03
Reviewer: ImaginaryForce
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For Providing Us With This FINE Product to Review

The year is 1989, I?m three years old and I?ve never touched a keyboard yet. There is a motherboard manufacturer called ABIT entering the market. Little do we know they eventually become the most dominant motherboard producer (in my eyes) in the world. Two years pass and they?ve sold ten million US dollars worth of goods. Six years after creation they?re already expanding to meet new demand. Seven years later they break out a new technology that is mind boggling, time saving, and just flat out EASY to use. That would be their jumperless technology via SoftMenu. Eight years later they have a production unit in Taiwan which allows their products to span across the globe to provide users with quality products. Nine years later they claim themselves as one of the top five manufacturers in Taiwan. Only ten years after they?ve begun their legacy; they sold one million, yes one million BH6 motherboards in just a mere 12 months. Twelve years after birth they open up another production unit in China. The year is 2002 and they break more technology barriers with Serillel for motherboards and OTES for video cards. After this 14 year evolution we?ve arrived at today, the year is 2003 and they are just thriving, they are the giant of motherboard production and dominate any competition they are faced with. Well, what are they up to today? Today they?re not shattering technology barriers; they?re incorporating it onto their boards. This technology I?m talking about is NVIDIA?s nForce2 chipsets!

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