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Abit NF7-M Motherboard

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Judging from the performance of this product, I'd say this board overall meets the demands people have for a name like ABIT. It was one of their first boards to incorporate the nforce2 IGP chipset, 400MHz DDR, and agp 8x but it managed them all like a pro without any known bugs or complications that would require a bios update. I found none of the technologies to "lack" anything. The performance on the board overall was above average with benchmark scores being fairly decent if I do say so myself. The layout of the board was decent, however, the location of the DIMM slots as well as the ATX and 12V Power connectors got to be somewhat of an annoyance because that power connectors tended to block airflow from the CPU cooler and the bottom DIMM slot latches get in the of the video card therefor you can't swap ram with your video card installed. The color scheme was particularly nice. This board would look great in a clear case with some red cathodes and red rounded cables. I would recommend this board to the more advanced user reason being there are so many advanced settings in the bios that can affect performance and stability severely! All in all nice job ABIT!

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