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VL System Lost In Space LCD Display

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Now that everything is in place and ready for a quick run through, check out some of the cool stuff I was able to do with the LCD in just a couple of minutes. Keep in mind these aren?t all the options available; just a few of the most notable, and some of my favorites. Sit back, take a breather, and minimize the LCD configuration software. Get ready to impress your Mom with the sweet capabilities of the L.I.S. LCD. I apologize in advance about the horrible pictures; it's difficult to take pictures of this type of lighting. The color of the LCD backlighting is more of a royal blue and the lettering is actually black.

Immediately after turning the computer or LCD on using the front button, it will test the com port for proper communication and let you, the user, know that it will function successfully.


These three screens show the three clock settings available through the ?setup? tab. As I mentioned before, my favorite is the picture on the bottom with the time in bigger/block lettering. The only thing I was not happy with is that the clock only updates every 5 seconds rather than every second. That just seems wrong.

I decided to play with some test strings. ?LCD?z 0wn J0! The logo found on the front page of this review also used the text string submission.

Various shots of features found from the ?R.T.C? tab. You can see it is reading my processor as the 1200Mhz still ? that bug is yet to be resolved. I?ve also shown a picture of CPU load as well as ram usage. Just a couple shots of useful features.


Here are a few shots of the MotherboardMonitor5 functionality. You can see it?s showing the temperatures, voltages, fan rpm, and system usage in real time. This is pretty cool information you can show here.


Here are a couple of shots of the Winamp visualization plug-in. You can see one where the VU meter is over the song artist and title, another where all that is being shown is the VU meter over both lines and another where the left and right channels are separated and shown on different lines. Lot?s of fun, as I mentioned before, this is by far my favorite feature of any LCD ? real-time VU meters!

Random shots of the OS/Sys tab. Things like windows version, etc are shown here. Some of this is pretty much useless information; I am not exactly sure why someone would want to display which DirectX version they are using. What?s the point?

More random photos of features built in. One shows the company and owner of the computer, and the other shows the IP. I would not hesitate to use the IP function for functions such as LAN parties on a server that?s meant to be accessed for various reasons. This way you could point to the LCD while you are playing your favorite game on the computer next to it without being disrupted.

These were taken from options in the ?net? tab. You can see, after filling out all of the information like pop server, username, password, port, etc, the LCD will try to connect to the host and keep a constant connection. This way it is able to instantly alert you when a new message has arrived. Speaking of new mail, I?ve got three, as you can see in the picture on the right. It will tell you which account name has the mail and how many ? very spiffy!

Now you?ve gotten a taste of the basic functions of the L.I.S. LCD setup, and I?ve had my chance to make a final judgment on this product. As a side note, I would like to thoroughly apologize for the pictures of the LCD in action. If anyone reading this review knows how to take clear shots of LCDs, please by all means let me know and I will be happy to use your suggestions on the next LCD review!

Let?s cruise onto the next page and check out my final thoughts on this product as far as price, functionality, ease of use, etc.

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