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VL System Lost In Space LCD Display

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As always, LCDs add a great deal of easy customization to any case, premodded or not. I think it?s great that developers have come up with a design that allows a modder of any skill level to change something on a case without picking up a tool, without planning, and without risking a slip with the diamond bit cutoff wheel that could force one to buy a new case. LCDs are great because they come down to one simple click on the mouse and you?ve just changed from showing the kind of processor you have to which song you are playing in real-time. VL System really has a great product here. As with all products, though, there are a few design and performance flaws that deeply concerned me, including the no-so-friendly written instructions which were included with the kit. If you took the time to read the last couple of pages, you?ve noticed that I?ve really stressed that the instructions are so hard to follow, which is one of the reasons I spent so much time in this particular review making sure that I covered as much of the installation process as necessary. Next, it does fit nicely into any case?s 5.25? bay, however the fact that VL System somehow forgot the four screws needed to secure it also concerns me ? it?s usually small items like these that make it hard to use a product, especially for newer users who have not started collecting those extra screws all around the house. While I had the chance to play with this setup for a couple of weeks, I really started to get a feel for it, its functionality, and other things that it lacked. I think that making a judgment on an LCD really comes down to how well the software was written. I did not have any problems with the software included with this LCD. It was fairly easy to use and install, however, I would have liked to be able to pick and choose specific items that were shown, instead of having to activate an entire tab. Other than the processor speed, I have not noticed any real bugs in the software, and will continue to use this LCD in my server until either my server burns or the LCD gets stolen at a LAN party because someone liked it so much ? somehow I don?t see either of those two events happening in the near future! VL System has a great product in their lineup, and I really do mean it; I love the attention to small detail on the front. The ?platinum? or aluminum color on the front of the 5.25? bay makes it look so much more professional and finished than the boring black that most companies produce. Speaking of 5.25? bays, the fact that it comes pre-configured for a drive bay is another great thing about this LCD.

This particular kit currently sells on for about $85.00, which is a bit pricey if you ask me. Compared to a more professional kit with a little better known reputation such as MatrixOrbital or CrystalFontz, I am not sure if the price on this product is near what I would expect it to be. If I had to name a price, I would say a maximum of $65.00, but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and get what you want for the extra money. Either way, this is a great product.

No major flaws or program bugs were found during the testing of this product. VL System could improve the entire kit by lowering the price, easing the use through more detailed instructions and including installation screws; that would help the score on this product. A recent look at their site also shows a new VFD version of this product which I hope to be able to get my hands on soon and report back! Until then, have fun with your new LCD!

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