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Modular Antec TruePower 480 Watt Power Supply *World Exclusive*

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Included in the power supply box are one Antec TruePower 480W Power Supply, four screws, one power cable, one manual, one thank you brochure, and most importantly one bag of braided cables. The power supply came packaged in a bubble wrap bag and was securely placed into the box snuggly to prevent any damage due to movement during the shipment process.

There is a sticker placed on the side of the power supply which lists the maximum amount of AMPS each output level can handle. The +12V line can handle 22A which is enough to power even the best peltiers (for all your hardcore coolers and overclockers out there).


There are a total of 2 fans on the power supply, one on the bottom and one on the back. The fan on the back of the power supply is Antec?s 80mm Clear Blue LED Fan. This blue led fan is extremely rich in color as well as very quiet. The fan on the bottom of the power supply is Antec?s 92mm Clear fan. While this fan has no LEDs it?s as quiet as the 80mm on the back. This power supply can barely be heard from 3 feet away when in operation. This is because of Antec?s ?Low Noise Technology,? Which controls the speed of the power supply fans and case fans in your computer to achieve low noise as well as maximum cooling. This feature does indeed work, when the power supply is in use with my fans hooked up to the ?Fan Only,? molex connector, they can barely be heard. This is good for a multiple number of reasons one being the option to eliminate the use of a fan controlling device such as a rheobus or a fanbus which can save you a precious 5 ? or 3 ? inch bay for that cool new CoolerMaster Musketeer.

Editor's Note: On the back of the power supply there is also a female molex connector allowing you to run an item that plugs in via a molex connector, externally. This can be accessed by popping off the black cap over top of it.

Now since this power supply has been segmented and modified by FrozenCPU, it was necessary to cut off the wire leads on every connector about an 8th of the way down in order to put a female connector on. The only thing that I didn?t like about this was that FrozenCPU chose to use aluminum pins in the connectors instead of the gold plated ones which come standard with the power supply. So basically you go from power supply, to silver pinned segmented female connectors installed by FCPU, to gold pinned connectors, to the device needing power. I would have preferred to see all the segmented connectors to be gold. However, this really isn?t a major problem being you are in no way going to notice a performance decrease because of this. FrozenCPU has done a great job modifying the power leads to make them segmented.

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