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Modular Antec TruePower 480 Watt Power Supply *World Exclusive*

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The quality of the sleeving job that the guys over at FrozenCPU conducted was, as you can see, flawless. There are no frays or snags in the braiding and the heatshrink tubing is all equally cut to size. You may not know to look for this kind of quality when purchasing a pre-sleeved power supply but trust me, it?s crucial. If you plan on ordering something like this make sure the company you are purchasing it from does a good job. It would be pretty disappointing to order a $180 dollar customized power supply only to find that is has been damaged during shipment, frayed, snagged, or to find that uneven amounts of heatshrink tubing have been cut at the ends. Another thing to make sure of is that the heatshrink tubing is as close as it can be to the molex connectors; a bunch of black, red, and yellow wires showing every so often through the power supply cable would look pretty unattractive. FrozenCPU has done everything they can in my eyes to make this a great looking power supply. Every detail has been carefully thought out and applied with great care and expertise.


Another important thing to look for when purchasing a pre-modded power supply is to make sure the wire sleeving goes all the way into the power supply box hole. Trust me when I say that you will indeed be sending it back if it doesn?t. Just take a look at the pictures above. The one on the left is done by FrozenCPU, and the one on the right was done by me for display purposes. As you can see it makes a huge difference in the quality of the looks when the extra effort is put into the process of sleeving the cables all the way up to the internal part of the power supply box. Nothing but high quality stuff here folks!

This picture was taken to give you a better idea of what the segmented concept behind this power supply really is. As you can see the long cable/wire in the picture is connected to a clear/white molex connector about 1/8 of the way down from the power supply itself. You can connect up to four long molex wires to the segmented wires which gives you 9 available molex connectors total, two of them are fan only connectors. Hopefully, if you were a little shady on the whole segmented concept behind this power supply, you get the idea now.

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