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Aluminum Green X-SuperAlien Chassis with 500 Watt PSU

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Upon inspecting the internals of the case I found some things that I didn?t like; one being the extreme amount of cables for the front control panel. Let?s have a closer look at the inside of the case shall we?

Wow, that?s a lot of cables! Some of the cables you see in this picture are as follows: USB, IEEE1394, Mic, Speaker, LCD and fan controller molex power connector, channel 1 and channel 2 fan connectors, and temp 1 and temp 2 sensors. Once again, that?s a lot of cables! One thing I don?t like about the firewire and usb connectors is the fact that every cable is separated so you?re left with the task of connecting every little cable to a single pin on the motherboard which isn?t an easy task no matter how you do it. The amount of cables needed to use the special features of this case really need to be reduced quite a bit.

When I saw this part of the case I nearly crapped my pants more or less. Remember how I was talking about how you could snap in your 3? devices just like you could your 5?, well you can do the same thing with your hard drives. All you do is screw them into the metal frames and snap then into place?It doesn?t get any easier then this everyone! You have the ability the install five drives via this feature. Another good thing about this feature on top of how easy it is is the fact that cables can be routed behind the drives to keep everything neat especially if you are using SATA drives.

Yeah, another pic of the power supply. I?m only going to make you a little while longer!

Here you get a better view of the entire inside of the case. I think this is a good time to tell you how the process of building a PC in this baby went. Let?s start with the motherboard; first of all, the tray is removable. I wouldn?t recommend doing this, however, because it?s a really tight fit and your likely to damage your motherboard putting the tray back in. All the holes on the tray line up with the ones on the motherboard which is a major plus; most cases have at least one hole that isn?t quite placed right which requires a hefty amount of force to get a screw into which not everyone wants to do. The installation of the AGP and PCI cards went smoothly as well; the screw holes lined up with the ones on the case meaning that no pressure had to be applied to the metal faceplate of any one of the cards which reduces the risk of the back of the card slipping up out of the slot. Installation of the drives was easy as well, all you had to do was screw and snap?it really can?t get any easier. The only part of the building process that I had a problem with was the immense amount of cables that needed to be routed to keep things neat?this process took a lot of trial and error steps as well as thinking but I finally got it the way I wanted it after about 2 hours. I know, I?m a neat freak! As far as ease of use for this case goes I give it an A; it would get an A+ if the amount of cables could be reduced.

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