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Aluminum Green X-SuperAlien Chassis with 500 Watt PSU

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Now for the part that probably most of you if not all of you have been waiting for ? the power supply. Let?s me just say that this power supply isn?t all it?s cracked up to be, well, look wise it?s pretty much everything you could ask for but performance wise it?s fairly unstable. When I first put my computer together in this case and went to fire it up, it would turn on for about 3 seconds and then power off. I tried to troubleshoot this problem for the greater part of an hour to no avail. So I unplugged everything and took the power supply out of the case and used the old green black short out trick to run the power supply externally and test it by powering a few 92mm tornados, it seemed to have no problem with this. So I put the power supply back into the case which meant I had to reroute almost every single F*C#$NG cable in the case which took another two hours that I didn?t really want to waist on this problem. When I turned the PC on again, it seemed to be staying on but it wouldn?t POST. After turning it off and then back on a few times I finally got it to post. As soon as I would do anything that required an increase in power like turn up a fan?s speed using the fan controller on the front of the case or play a game the computer would turn off instantly?.almost like a brown-out. I put up with this problem for about 2 days until the power supply finally just died all together. This is very disappointing?if anyone has had any problem like these with this power supply I would like for you to tell me about it, if I notice a trend in these problems I am most certainly going to contact Aspire about this problem. Faulty power supplies aren?t only a nuisance but are also damaging to hardware. This is a problem that needs to be looked into further.

With the problems out of the way, let?s move onto something that?s actually good about this power supply ? the looks! The power supply that came with this case features and blue anodized aluminum frame with a clear blue plastic cover that shows off the internals of the power supply which are pretty attractive. The heatsinks are green and the heatshrink is blue making the power supply look pretty sharp indeed! You can see that there are 2 fans installed which are the same ones used in the case. Oh, and let me also mention the green UV reactive/glow in the dark molex connectors! ;-)

?Awesome!!!? That?s all you can really say about the back of this power supply. With the power connector and power switch being neon green on top of the gold fan grills combined with the blue anodized aluminum frame this part of the power supply looks sweet as hell! It would most certainly be something that I would be proud to show off at LAN parties (If it still worked). You?ll notice a knob like the ones on the front of the case at the top of this picture; this is to control the speeds of both of the fans in the power supply. I think Aspire added this feature just so the owner could have bragging rights because I?m not really sure as to why you would want to control the speeds of the fans in this power supply in the first place; they are already virtually silent.

This is the power supply in action at night; pretty nice if I do say so myself. The light emitted from the fans is enough to light up the internal electrical components in the power supply. No complaints here!

This is what the entire case looks like in action. Once again the light emitted from the fans is enough to light up the internals of the case. Enough so that a cathode really isn?t needed unless you want to install a UV colored one to make the molex connects glow a little more that they do with just the blue fans. The noise from the fans of this case are surprisingly quiet. Unless you have a high performance video card or CPU heatsink, you?re going to have no problems with the noise from this case.

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