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Aluminum Green X-SuperAlien Chassis with 500 Watt PSU

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Judging from my experiences with this case, I would have to say it?s one of the best I?ve ever worked with, not the best, but one of the best. The looks of the case are utterly amazing; from the paint to the fan grills and aerodynamic as well as its futuristic looks it?s by far one of the nicest pre-modded cases for sale to date. However, looks aren?t all that matters, while using this case I found numerous problems and things I didn?t like from the power supply to the hefty amount of cables needed to utilize all the special features of this case. The power supply is definitely an issue that needs to be addressed; if cases are going to be shipped with high performance power supplies included, the manufacturer needs to be sure that they are in 100% working condition beforehand. Fortunately, the problems I had with the power supply in this case didn?t cause any damage to my hardware. The cables really need to be reduced, perhaps make the USB and Firewire connector?s one connector instead of 20-some separate connectors that need to be plugged in using tweezers. Another problem is the removable motherboard tray, it either needs to be modified to fold out from the right side of the case or it needs to be made permanently mounted to the frame of the case, there just isn?t enough room to put the tray back into the case without damaging something on the motherboard ? too many possibilities for complications here. Other than that this case is perfect, my compliments go out to Aspire for their great amount of attention allocated to the small details of this case that make it stand out from all others. Also, a big thanks to for allowing me to review this awesome case. I recommend taking a look at this case on their site, for the price of $160 it?s a pretty good buy and well worth the money!

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