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Hard Drive Window

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The Process Continued (2)
When I put the drive back together, I ran into a problem. The plastic was too thick, and rubbed the spindle, keeping the drive from spinning at all. It's time to rethink our plan.

First we remove the old window and all the glue. I, as always, used my trusty Leatherman for this. Be sure to remove all the glue from the hard drive.

While at the bookstore, I found this folder. It looked like it would be perfect for my window. It was almost paper thin, while still rigid enough to be a window. Plus, it only cost me $1.50! Though it doesn?t look very clear in the picture, remember that it is two pieces thick, so it looks a little bit shaded. The cheap modder gets the worm... or something like that, I guess.

Ok, the first window fit perfectly, so we will trace the previous window. Since you have the benefit of my experience, you won't make the same mistake, so you will just lay your cut drive casing on top of this and trace, right?

This stuff is definitely easier to cut. This is by far the easiest window I've ever cut.

This is where we check the fit. You want to make sure it fits before you glue anything together. You don't want to get it halfway glued before you realize it won't cover the whole opening.

This time, since we're using a lighter plastic, I opted for a hot glue gun.

This time only took 2 minutes, compared to the 15 it took the first time.

Now that's a nice glue job!

You should be able to put the hard drive back together and finish with a sweet looking drive. This is what mine looks like. Make sure you clean the top thoroughly before you put your HDD back together, so you don't introduce any dust or dirt that may be on the window. Put the screws back in, and you should be good to go!

[Editor's Note: This guide was written using an old 120 megabyte hard drive as an example. If you choose to attempt to mod your own hard drive, make sure you have a current backup of your data, understand that you will void your warranty, and make sure that you can afford to replace the drive.]

Click Here To see a video of this drive in action!

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