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Hard Drive Window

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The Process Continued

We're going to be using my favorite glue, GOOP! I've used household Goop, marine Goop, Plumber's Goop; pretty much all of the different Goops. From what I can tell, they're all exactly the same. I've used Goop for reservoirs, windows, and other random mod projects; it works great! What we're going to do is just open the top of the container, use the wire to grab a little bit, and just spread it around the edges of the window. You want to use as little as possible, since you don't have much room, but enough to completely seal the window against dust and other particles that could otherwise get into your HDD later.

Once the glue was applied and the window placed, I put a small cup on top to keep the window flush against the casing while drying. I let it dry overnight to avoid any risk. After all, what if the window falls on the platter because you couldn't wait a day to use it?

Here we have the finished window, or so I thought...

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