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Ancient Chinese Dremel Techniques

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I think planning out your cuts is one of the most important parts of cutting. If the design is messed up on the panel, how is it going to look nice when finished? You don?t want to rush into cutting your case. You may either mess it up completely, or not like the design you planned on using, and once u cut, you can never go back!

I printed out this design of the Mortal Combat logo on some Card Stock paper. It?s thicker paper than usual, so it works out better for tracing and cutting. Now, what you will need to do is just start cutting out the white sections, but don?t cut through the black. It is easier to trace onto the panel if it is all still intact. I used the razor to start the cuts and do some of the curves, then some small surgical scissors to do the broader stuff.

And this is what I ended up with. You should make sure that you didn?t cut out more than you were supposed to, and make sure any small details you would like, are all there. Take your time!!

Next step, tape on the design backwards on the backside of the side panel. Make sure it is held down well, so it won?t move when you are tracing.


First off, tracing should always be done with a pencil. Then take off the paper and check the traces to make sure you can see it well.

Then slowly trace over the pencil with a Sharpie marker. Pencil will usually fade away when working because of accidental rubbing, Sharpie won?t.

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