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Ancient Chinese Dremel Techniques

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Work Space
OK, now you have your design all planned out, and it?s ready to be cut. The thing is, sometimes it can take up to 5 or 6 hours, as it did for me in this Mortal Combat design. You will want everything to be accessible and easy to work with, so take a couple of minutes to set things up. Once again, this goes to show that you should always take your time and plan things out, even your work space.

That?s where I do my cutting. I got a small stack of wood and a couple of towels I had laying around, and placed them on my workbench. I did not use masking tape for protection since I used the towels. I also have a stool to sit on to make it easier on me. You want to be comfortable when you are cutting. You want to be able to focus.

Here, I have all of my Dremel bits set up for quick access in case I need them. Note: I only ended up using the bits I described in the Needed Materials section.

Be sure to remember protection. Good safety glasses and a mask are a must. Just as a warning, I once spent 2 hours cutting without a mask to filter the air, and I coughed up a lot of black powder, then blew it out of my nose for about thirty minutes, and even some more the next morning. It?s quite nasty, so don?t be stubborn, grab a mask. You also want to protect your eyes. If you are cutting a metal/aluminum case, and you get a little piece in your eye, it?s not going to feel very good. Be smart, use protection.

Get out whatever you will need and set it on the towel, and have all your tools nearby if you happen to need them. Last, crank up some music, get something to drink, and get ready to settle in for a while.

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