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BlueTake BT510 Bluetooth Mini Mouse & BT009Si Bluetooth USB Adapter Review

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About the BT510 Mouse

Here is the mouse, approximately 3.5" long, 2" wide, weighing at 85 grams. Yes it's small, but it also has some cool features that other mice don't. First of all, it could actually be turned off when you're not using this little bugger. This mouse is very comfortable for extended daily use. Has a left and right button, and a center scroll wheel which is very smooth. It also takes 3 seconds to flip the left and right buttons incase you're left handed without the need of going to Control Panel. The BT510 mouse is a Bluetooth Class 2, with a range of 10 meters (30 feet) in open space, and a Carrier Frequencies of 2.4Ghz, going at 800 dpi.

Replacing the batteries in this thing couldn't have been any easier. You simply push the unlock button on the bottom of the mouse and the top cover comes off where you can replace your AAA batteries.

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