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Matrix Orbital MX412 LCD Module

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Main Product and Accessories

The MX410 arrived in a box along with its accessories. Matrix Orbital provides you with all the hardware and software you need to get your display up and running.

Here is what's included in the base package:

  • Matrix Orbital MX412 LCD Module
  • External USB Cord
  • LCDC Software CD
  • Manual

The internal USB cord, the temperature probes, and a triple LED indicator are not included, but can be purchased individually

Our MX412 display was black, the front has 15 user customizable buttons, along with the beautiful 20 x 4 line LCD display which is viewable from a 160 degree angles. The rear pcb has ports for fans, temperature sensors, the GPO port and the internal/external USB connection. The metal frame fit perfectly into the drive bays with out a struggle, this thing is definitely long lasting.

The rear panel allows you to connect up to 6 temperature sensors, which you can purchase individually. The temperature sensors are very small and can put anywhere you in your case, or even your room. Use them to monitor your CPU, HD, VGA, memory, case, and you can even stick the sensor outside the case and monitor your room temperature. The probes utilize a Dallas sensor that does not need to be calibrated and are accurate to within .5 Celsius. Using your LCDC software, you can manually set up your sensors to weather you want to monitor in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

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