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Matrix Orbital MX412 LCD Module

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The module will also allow you to connect up to 4 fans, which will let you to monitor and control them individually via LCDC.

Here's a closer look at the PCB all wired up.

The LED indicator has 3 bright blue LED's The indicator can bet set up to be on, off, and blink according to the event set up through LCDC. Mine is currently set up for my incoming mail, but the indicator has thousands of possibilities. Matrix Orbital included a drilling template so that the indicator can easily be mounted on a drive bay panel.

The last additional accessory that you can purchase for your MX412 is the internal USB cord. I wondered why Matrix Orbital did not include this cable in the base package instead of the external USB cord. Its much easier to connect the display via internal USB cord, I HIGHLY recommend you that you buy the internal USB cord at your purchase, unless you want to take up a USB port.

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