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Cooler Master Centurion 5 CAC-T05-UW Mid-Tower Case

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Main Product and Accessories

The Centurion 5 came in a well packed box along with a few accessories such as screws, zip ties, stand offs and a manual.

Cooler Master provides the user with a few dozen screws and motherboard stand off's, a cable guide with a zip tie, a CM aluminum case badge, and a manual.

As you might have noticed, the front bezel is completely flat and pretty much plain, which is exactly what I like in a case. Its also a big advantage when it comes to modding, there are less things to cut, demolish, and prep. As I stated before, the case comes in 2 colors, a Black and Silver, and a Black and Blue. Ours is the black and aluminum brushed silver, while the black and blue has anodized blue pieces. The 2 aluminum columns which are located on both sides of the front bezel assuredly look like some high quality CNC machining. The rest of the bezel consists of black mesh which covers all the drive bays and the rest of the panel, holes are punched through it for easy air penetration. The lower part of panel holds the Power and Rest switch, super bright blue power and HDD activity LED's. All the way on the bottom is the motherboard port panel which holds 2 USB 2.0 ports, a FireWire400 port, and a microphone and headphone jack. Oh, and how can I forget ... the Roman Centurion Emblem.

The air that passes through the front mesh is filted by a brushable foam which can be easily removed and cleaned. Downside of it is that it needs to be cleaned often, unless you want dust sticking out of the mesh, it's quite visible on the black mesh.

The rear of the case consists of a IO panel, a universal 120mm and 80mm fan exhaust, and 7 expansion slots.

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