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Cooler Master Centurion 5 CAC-T05-UW Mid-Tower Case

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Lets take a look inside...


Since this is a Mid-Size case, it doesn't have tremendous amount of space to work with, note that the motherboard tray is NOT removable, which is a big disappointment. Like I mentioned before, the case is a tool free case, so to install cards in any of the expansion slots, or in any of the drive bays requires no more than a finger. Inside you will also notice 5 5.25" drive bays which are external, 1 3.5" external bay, and 4 other 3.5" internal bays.

Here are a few steps to installing the your Hard Drive and your CD-Drive.

Here is the clip unlocked
Insert your drive
Push the clip forward and lock it into place

Here is the quick release expansion slot. Very easy to use, simply push the black clip in and out, put your card into place and push the clip back in from the back of the case. After securing the card in place, you have an option to screw the slot into the chassis for more stability, but its not really needed unless you have a heavy heat sink on your video card.

Cooler master supplies the user with 2 Ultra Silent Series Fans. One is a 120mm SAF-S12-E1 for exhaust, the other is a 80mm SAF-S84-E1 for intake. Super quiet fans !

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