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RockeTeer V - SP-500W Spire Power Supply

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Main Product and Accessories

The RockeTeer V came well packed directly from Spire.

Spire provides the user with a power cable, manual, mounting screws, a few zip ties, and some Velcro cable straps, which can be used for tidying up cables inside your case.

The power supply has an incredible mirrored titanium finish, the pictures don't do any justice to it whatsoever, so we'll look at the finish in detail in a few moments. The back of the unit contains all the standard items found on the back of a power supply; exhaust fan, power switch, AC input, and a voltage selection switch (preset to 115v). The large green button, is an override for the automatic fan control, and when pressed, engages the large 120mm fan on the bottom of the power supply. There is a blue LED (to the right of the power switch) that indicates when the button is pressed.

As for the cables, Spire spared no expense to provide a variety of options to ensure the power supply would work with computers, both new and old. A total of 6 modular cables came with the unit, which brings the total connections to the following: 1 PCIe, 2 SATA, 6 Molex (hard drives and 5.25 drives), and 2 FDD connectors. I was disappointed to see that the SLI Ready Power Supply only came with 1 PCIe connector. A couple other things worth noting regarding the cables The plastic on the SATA connectors is fairly thin, and can crack if you're not careful. The PCIe connector comes equipped with a ferrite coil, for removing EMI very cool. I was slightly disappointed to see that they only included 6 molex connectors; considering the fact that I have 6 hard drives in this system; Y adaptors had to be used to ensure everything was powered, which made the cabling look messy. The other thing worth mentioning on the cables, is that they are coated with a transparent plastic after they're sleeved, which makes them VERY stiff. This could be a problem if you need to make a sharp bend or have a small case where room is tight. Other than that, it's a beautiful modular setup.

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