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RockeTeer V - SP-500W Spire Power Supply

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Moving on to the non modular cables on the power supply, we have the 20+4 pin ATX cable, and the 4+4 pin P4/Xeon connector. What's with the plus signs? Well, that means that the connectors are universal. As you can see in the picture, the connectors have groves in them that allow the ends to slide onto each other, or in this case, slide off. This allows you to configure the connectors for whatever you need, and hide the rest. A very clever solution to creating a universal power supply.

As promised, we're going to have a closer look at the finish on this power supply. It's immaculate to say the least. Take a closer look at the 2 pictures above to see the reflections of objects on the unit. On a side note, while it looks beautiful, it comes with tradeoffs. During the installation of the unit, it was obvious that the unit was unforgiving to fingerprints expect to wipe it off after installed. During the testing period, another tradeoff was revealed, dust. Like any component inside a computer, it got coated in dust. Depending on your case and house, this might or might not be a problem (some people have systems in their house to control dust, and some also have filters installed on your case). If you showcase your system often, expect to carry a rag around with you to keep the unit in optimum visual condition.

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