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RockeTeer V - SP-500W Spire Power Supply

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Note – Don't try this at home. This power supply was disassembled by a trained electronics professional. Power supplies can store enough power inside them to kill you, even when unplugged for over a week. When in doubt, seek a professional. is not responsible for any damage done to your power supply or personal injury to yourself, when working on your PSU.

Now, what power supply review would be complete without voiding the warranty and taking a gander inside to see the internal construction? Inside the unit, things seemed up to par. I was looking around for a set of voltage adjustment trimmers, but was disappointed not to of found any – this didn't turn out to be a problem however, as the voltages didn't need to be adjusted. Disappointed, I kept looking around until something else caught my eye. Hidden under a plastic “Spire” tag, was a surprise that isn't found in many power supplies, even high end ones. What is it? Scroll down ..

It's a network filter. Now what the heck is that? It's an electronics component that is capable of removing surges and spikes off the line in from your power source. Although most people have surge protectors, it was nice to see Spire going the extra mile to incorporate this part into the unit. Feeling satisfied, I closed the unit up and proceeded to test the unit.

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