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RockeTeer V - SP-500W Spire Power Supply

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There was no charts or performance graphs on this review for a simple reason They would have been the same. No matter how many things I plugged into this system (including Vantec Tornados; the most power hungry fans on the market) I could not get the voltages to fluctuate. 3.3v was solid at 3.31v, 5v was solid at 5.03v, and 12v was solid at 12.22v. Unfortunately, due to hardware constraints we were unable to test this system in a multiple GPU or CPU environment. However, from the results of our testing, we have full confidence in this product and would expect to see it perform flawlessly in a SLI/Crossfire environment.


  • Immaculate Finish
  • Clean Modular Setup and Cables
  • Quiet at Low Temperatures
  • Stable Voltages
  • SLI/Crossfire Ready
  • EMI Shielded PCI-E Cable
  • Network Filter


  • Noisy when second fan is engaged
  • Limited Options on Cabling
  • Only 1 PCI-E Cable

Thanks to Spire Power for supplying us with this great sample !


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