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Arctic-Cooling 64 Freezer Pro Heatsink

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The 64 Freezer Pro

Once the 64 Freezer Pro is out of its packaging, we can closely look at its features that make this heatsink so special. As you can see this thing is massive, it's larger than your average heatsink, but very light compared to most of the heatsinks out there. First thing I noticed after removing the 64 Freezer Pro from its box is the copper base which allows for faster heat transfer. Then you notice the 6 heat pipes coming out of the base, 3 on each side, they run vertically through the fins and stick out on top of the 64 Freezer Pro. The heat pipes are there to carry the heat away from the CPU and into the fins. Although there's a flaw that Arctic Cooling might have overlooked, in order for the heatpipes to work effectively, they must be parallel to the ground to work best, so in some cases the cooler will not perform like it should. Check out the pictures below for the general overview of the 64 Freezer Pro

Moving on to the copper base, it's easily noticeable that AC has already applied some of their thermal paste, so you wouldn't have to bother getting any yourself, al thought that's not mentioned anywhere on the box, or most online retails that sell the heatsink (including The thermal paste that's applied is Arctic-Cooling's own paste called MX-1, out of the box its protected by a clear plastic cover so the paste doesn't smudged. Before removing the paste I thought I would give it a try and see how it performs compared to other thermal pastes. One thing I'd like to mention before I reveal the results is that AC was definitely not cheap on their paste. It was applied way too thickly, a lot of excess squirted out the sides when the HS was applied for the first time.

Plastic Cover On
Plastic Cover Off

Tested in Celsius

Those are the results from different thermal pastes I've used on the AC 64 Freezer Pro Heatsink. I gave each paste 3 days (total of 72hours) to settle and checked the CPU temperature every morning. Every morning I woke up, the temperature was slightly lower, I made sure the room temperature is also the same by having the AC set to 75°F. The MX-1 isn't much different from the Arctic Silver 5, both give the same results. For the rest of the review, I decided to stick with the MX-1 because it is part of the review.

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