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Arctic-Cooling 64 Freezer Pro Heatsink

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Now we move on to the fan, my favorite features, and the most important aspect of the 64 Freezer Pro. A 92mm fan, consisting of 7 blades, and guarded well to keep the users out of harms reach. It's supported by the Patented Vibration Absorption rubber posts which also dampen the sound, and reduce vibration. At full speed this thing is as quiet as a dead bug. The fan runs on 12V, drawing 0.13A and has a maximum power draw of 1.56W. It is also rated for 2200RPM, and has an air flow of 40CFM at max speed. Making this fan complete is the high quality braided cable w/ a black 3 pin jack, very stylish if you're cable clean freak like myself.

Out of the 42 fins, the bottom 3 fins are curved downwards to allow the airflow on to the motherboards components, such as voltage converters or even the Memory (RAM), it all depends which way the 64 Freezer Pro is facing... BUT, being that the fan support is blocking those 3 fins, they are is going to be fairly convenient at best.

According to Arctic-Cooling:

"Integrated Cooling of Voltage Converters Air is drawn in from the side of the fan to cool the components around the CPU. Some air is blown out towards the voltage converters on the mainboard with the bent fins at the bottom." 

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