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Arctic-Cooling 64 Freezer Pro Heatsink

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Installing the 64 Freezer Pro couldn't be any easier, it takes seconds to do it. Due to it's light weight, it uses a standard K8 Retention Module unlike most of the aftermarket heatsinks which need to be screwed into the motherboards' back plate. Another nifty feature on this 64 Freezer Pro is the rotational position. The clamps can be disassembled and rotated anyway position desired. Al thought you have that option, it's best to have the fan facing the front of the case, for more effective cooling as it sucks the air from the intake fan and out into the exhaust fan. To disassemble the clamps you simply unscrew the one bolt that's on the black latch, remove the latch and the clamps just come apart.


I tested this 64 Freezer Pro in my everyday computer, here are the specs:

  • Processor - AMD 64 3800+ Venice
  • Motherboard - Asus A8R32-MVP CrossFire
  • Video Card - Sapphire X1600XT
  • Power Supply - Antec Smart Power 2.0 500W Modular PSU
  • Memory - Corsair XMS PC3200 512mb x 2 (1gb)
  • Hard Disk - 160Gb Sea Gate & 160Gb WD l
  • OS - Windows XP Pro
  • Fans - 80mm Intake, 120mm Exhaust.

I tested this 64 Freezer Pro with MX-1 thermal paste by recording the temperatures of my CPU under Idle and Load. I'll also be comparing it with the stock AMD 3800+ Heatsink box, with Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste.

Idle - After installing the 64 Freezer Pro using the MX-1 thermal paste, I let the system run for 3 straight days, like I mentioned before, the paste has to settle. On day 3 is when I started the testing, first I let the system run Idle for about 5 hours with the fan at max RPM. The results are far better than what I expected. It's lowest temperature was 28°F in a 75°F environment. It out performed the AMD heatsink by 11°C which is a lot, considering this is Celsius we're talking about.

Load - After finally testing the system in Idle, I decided to test the beast and see what it was capable of, and yet again it has exceeded my expectation. I ran Prime95 for 5 hour, the results were astonishing. The temperature maxed out at 46°C, and went nowhere above that, while the stock AMD heatsink hit 55°C. Yet again it out performed the AMD heatsink, but this time by only 9°C.

Result: After putting the AC Freezer 64 Pro through such stressful conditions, it is obvious that it just won't give in. Even having it under full load, its still one of the quietest heatsinks on the market.

Results In a Graph Format:

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