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Arctic-Cooling 64 Freezer Pro Heatsink

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In general, the AC Freezer 64 Pro is extremely quiet and effective, just what you are looking for in a non-stock cooler. Price is fairly low, and performs tremendously compared to other aftermarket coolers. You also have to consider how quiet it is, even under stressful condition. The easy installation, it's in fact easier to install than the stock AMD cooler, and any not so experienced person can install it within a matter of seconds. It's VERY practical. Al thought of course you cant expect it to set new cooling records, but in my book, its one of the most respectable coolers I've ever put my eyes on. Although there are some flaws with the 64 Freezer Pro, for instance, in some cases the heatpipes might not be faced parallel to the ground, but either way... it's pro's out weigh the con's.

Overall, I'm quite happy with the 64 Freezer Pro, and I love how it performs, especially for it's price. I highly recommend it to anyone who's in a market for a cheap, easy to install, yet very effective heatsink.


  • Amazing Performance
  • Easy to Install
  • Tool-Free Mechanisms
  • Competitive Price
  • Super Quiet
  • Light
  • Six Year Warranty


  • Big and Bulky
  • Heatpipes not parallel to ground

Thanks to Arctic-Cooling for supplying us with this great sample !

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