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Apevia X-Pleasure Aluminum Case (Red) Review

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Product and Accessories

The X-Pleasure came in large box, well packed, along with a few accessories such as screws, drive rails, stand offs and a manual. The box came unharmed with no big dents or hole on its sides. The package consisted of graphical pictures of the case, and it's specifications.

Apevia provides the user with 3 bags of labeled screws, motherboard stand off's, 4 sets of keys, 4 pairs of cd-drive rails (2 in the box, 2 in the case), and a clearly printed, and well illustrated manual.

Upon taking the case out of it's shell, revealing it's true color and beauty, we notice the large window with chrome blade fan grill. Front panel with a unique designs and a few goodies. The motherboard side panel is plain, and the rear panel consists of a IO Plate, 120mm exhaust hole, and 7 expansion slots. Coated with a beautiful Red/Orange paint, but actually looks more orange to me than red, high quality and not so easy to scratch. Also doesn't leave any smudges or finger prints after touching it. Here's is the general overview of the case.

Revealing it's real color...

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