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Apevia X-Pleasure Aluminum Case (Red) Review

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Getting into details, I'll start off with the front panel of course, as it seems to be the most interested and eye catching part. First thing you'll see are the 2 gauges surrounded by chrome rings, and a blue backboard with the lettering. One is for monitoring the temperature of either the cpu, vga, hdd, psu, memory, mb, or just simply the case, it comes with a sensor that you can stick anywhere and it will read out the temperatures. The second gauge is to monitor the fan speed, it monitors it by showing the percentage usage of the fan. An inch below the fan speed gauge is the fan controller, it can control up to 5 fans at the same time. On both sides of gauges there are 2 frosted pieces which light up once the case is turned on. A little below the LED's is a lock to keep the door closed and computer protected.


Behind door number 1, you will see the 4 5.25" drive bays, with the power/reset switch, a HDD activity and power LED. While observing that area, I also noticed the black sleeved cable that powers all the electronics on the door. It was carefully guided through the panel so you can open and close your door freely, a big plus for that.

Here are the power/reset switches, along with the LED's. Now this is probably my most hated thing about this case, the reset switch. It is so damn small, my finger doesn't come close to pressing it, it's literally impossible unless you have baby fingers. In order to reset the computer, I had to use a pen, al though I'm sure a pin would work but I didn't have one anywhere around. Moving on... the LED's, standard green and red color, doesn't bother me and there's nothing wrong with them, but would have been cooler if they were blue, matching the rest of the case's lighting theme.

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