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Apevia X-Pleasure Aluminum Case (Red) Review

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Behind door number 2 located also on the front panel are 2 USB 2.0 and a Firewire port. Another big turn off is that there are no audio jacks, they could have easily been placed in there. Definitely not a good thing if you're taking the case to LAN party. The case also has fold out feet which give a lot of support knowing how easily large tower cases can be tipped over.

The side panel is held by 2 thick thumb screws which are easy to grip, and a large black handle which also has a lock on it. Side panel is very easy to remove, simply unscrew the thumb screws, push the black handle towards the front of the case, and pull it to the side. The panel opens like a door and still holds on half way open.


Since this is a large tower case, it has a tremendous amount of space to work with. First thing I observed were the edges, they were all rolled and extremely smooth, it is very safe to work in this case and not worry about cutting your fingers. There are 2 rails running horizontally across the case, my guess would be that they are there for the chassis stiffening, and the Power Supply support. With the power supply mounted, it can rest on those 2 rails without putting stress, and bending the back plate... a VERY smart move on Apevia's part.. I also realized that you can easily fit a 12" CCFL into each of those rails from the inside, it would hide the light, and give out a nice clean glow. Next we have the 3.5" hard drive cages, they are all interchangeable and have holes for both the hard drive and a floppy drive. They are locked down to the chassis by a small quick release lever, easy to lock and unlock.

I wanted to get a more in-depth look of the case, so I took the front panel off. It was nothing more than I expected, but I was able to see the intake fan. Then proceeded to take apart the front door and check out what was behind all the gauges. Upon removing the panel off the door, I've spotted 4 LED's that back lit the frosted pieces. If you're into modding like myself, you can easily change the LED's to any color you want to get a different color effect from the frosted pieces.

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