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Apevia X-Pleasure Aluminum Case (Red) Review

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Apevia includes 4 fans with the case. They are mounted and ready to be used. There is a 120mm UV blue LED fan mounted on the side panel with a chrome blade grill and another clear grill behind it. Another 120mm fan is mounted on the back as an exhaust fan, it's also UV blue LED. There are 2 80mm fans up front, one acts as an intake fan, blue LED, also UV. The other fan cools down the hard drives, it's UV but not LED. The fans are super quiet even at max speed, and the LED's give out a lot of light.

Random Pictures

This is what the case looks like lit in the dark. Very pleasant indeed.

Here is the sensor I've mentioned earlier, it might have jumped Apevia's mind, but the sensor wire was a tad short, it barely reached pass memory slots, so I was unable to test the CPU temperature to check how accurate it was. The 2nd cable is the splitter running from the fan controller, like i stated before, it can run up to 5 fans, I wouldn't suggest running more than that because you might fry the controller.

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