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Cutting a Window In your Side Panel

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Ladies and Gentlemen- here's the guide that you have all been waiting for~How to cut a window on your sweet pc case! This mod requires a LOT of extra time along with a dremel tool or die cutter, drill, Jigsaw with extra blades and some creativity! Detailed pictures along with descriptions and steps will be included to aid in your project.

Before you start your project you are DEFINATELY going to want to start with some plans. Your plans should include any cuts you would like to do. As you will see in the end, I decided NOT to do the name "BLEHg0d"-Good thing too because i switched my name to SpLiZaaT about two weeks later.

Once your plans have been decided, you need to take a marker of somesort (dry erase is good if you want to erase when mistakes occur) and draw out your final design. Keep in mind that you will need to leave room for anything on the outside of the case such as handles, obstacles, etc.

Before whipping out that nifty jigsaw you have, clamp the panel down to a FLAT surface! If you do not clamp your panel to the table, the jigsaw could catch the metal and tear the metal. (Before doing this step, it's always a good idea to cover the fornt side in tape to avoid scratches)

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