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Switching the RED led to a BLUE led in a logitech optical mouse

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In this mod, I am going to teach YOU how to change the boring RED led in your Logitech Optical mouse to a different color such as BLUE or GREEN. Detailed pictures and descriptions will guide you through the process. Also- It's very important to remember to take your time.

For this modification, you will need:

1-Philips Headed Scredriver
1-Roll of thin Solder
1-Soldering Iron
2-LEDS (I'n this one we bought the radioshack 3.7 volt, 5mm BLUE led)

The first step to changing your led is getting to the existing one. You will need to use your phillips headed scredriver to take the screw from the bottom of the mouse- This is what you should have when you take it apart (Circuit board not pictured). DO NOT LOSE THE SPRING!

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