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Changing DIGIDOC5 Polarizing Filter

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Changing DigiDoc 5 Polarizing Filter

WARNING: Obligatory disclamer to follow. It should be noted that this, like almost any other mod, will in fact void your warranty. I don't know if Mac Power even provides a warranty for the DigiDoc, but if they that you do to your DigiDoc that ruins it is solely your responsibility. I cannot be held responsible for anything that results in the destruction of your DigiDoc or your computer. Proceed at your own risk.

The point of this mod is to show you how to change the polarizing on a digidoc 5 unit. If you are un-aware of the effects of a polarizing filter, this one actually changes the colors, so the background is BLACK and the lettering is the backlight colors. I would highly suggest doing this at the same time as switching the backlights or else you will have to pull the unit apart twice, so be sure to pull the old film off, throw the lcd in, then while looking through the polar filter, twist it until you get the desired results black on white like before or white on black like the effect desired) and cut it to fit correctly into the frame. Let's begin!

  • NeedleNosed Pliers
  • Digidoc 5, of course (thanks to
  • Polarizing Filter from ScientificsOnline (Second One Down on the list)
    (You should be doing a 90 degree turn from what the original film was placed at, but since we don't have a square lcd, we have to buy extra film.)

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