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Changing DIGIDOC5 Polarizing Filter

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After carefully removing the actual PCBs from the framing of the digidoc, you will notice these four tabs on the back of the front most PCB. Carefully take a pair of needlenosed pliers and untwist these tabs. Next, pull the metal frame from the front side of the pcb very IS TOUGH!

Once the frame is pulled off the front, you should be looking at this. do NOT lose the two little rubber strips.

You can't quite see it in this picture, but on the front of this, is a VERY THIN film which you can feel when you rub your finger over it. This is the existing polar filter which needs to be removed. The next few pictures will show you how.

Carefully take a razor or sharp knife and begin to peel the film from the glass. The glue is very strong, so don't let it touch back to the glass or it'll restick!

Once you have it partially peeled use your thumbs and pull the knife towards yourself. It takes a couple of seconds for the film to come off,so keep your patience

...and here is the film completly removed from the front glass.

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