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Changing DIGIDOC5 Polarizing Filter

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There will still be some remains of the glue on the front of the glass, so take some rubbing alcohol and a q-tip and rub it all off. Don't leave ANY on there! Once you are done, take a towel and make sure the glass is completely dry!

Cut the new piece of polarizing filter to the same length as the glass and try to get it the same width as well. Scissors work fine for this step.

Carefully peel the plastic covers from the new polarizing filters and throw it in the metal frame that you removed in the first step (it doesn't matter which direction).

After throwing the glass on next, then the two rubber pieces on the side and finalizing it by putting it to the PCB, make sure you take your needlenosed pliers again and twist these tabs. This step is CRUCIAL. If the metal frame is not tight against the front of the digidoc, you will not see anything!

Screw the pcb back into the digidoc railing. Then place the other pcb behind this and screw it in. Your work is finished! Let's plug it in and take a looksy here!!!

WOAH! That looks gorgeous! After modding the blue backlights in there, the digidoc really looks custom. Prepare for tons of compliments, because this is a sweet mod!

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