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Aquastealth II Extreme Watercooling Kit

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Black Edge Copper Waterjacket, Black vidjacket

First impressions were very good. When I first looked at these two products, I realized the detail that Brian from AquaStealth had put into them with the black and chrome. Further discussions with Brian, the owner, taught me that these two blocks are black powder coated, which is like black plastic melted to it to keep it from chipping and wearing. Also- I had found that the barbs to connect the tubing were chrome plated. This creates an outstanding appearance on a machine! The surface at which the CPU and video card chipset touch the actual blocks have been kept copper with no powder coat, to maximize cooling performance with little thermal resistance. This will help the performance aspect of this product. The groove pattern inside the CPU block is an M maze and the groove pattern on the video card chipset cooler is a U shape. The M maze is a little less popular amongst the CPU blocks, but I am sure there is a reason for this?we will see when we test the performance of the product. As for the video card chipset cooler, the U shape is quite popular due to the small amount of actual volume you have to cut the groove. Both of these copper blocks are sealed and tested prior to shipment with approximately 100psi of AIR. Rather than using a ?goop? to seal the blocks, Aquastealth took the time to solder the blocks back together after cutting the grooves to insure a perfect seal.

Appearance: 10/10
Seal: 8.5/10
Construction: 8/10

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