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Aquastealth II Extreme Watercooling Kit

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BlackIce Xtreme Radiator

HWlabs, the maker of AquaStealth?s radiator, is one of the most well-known companies known to watercoolers. They are known for their construction, reliability and design, but most of all, they are known for their performance. Just like the rest of the kit, the radiator comes black. By looking through the fins into the light, no copper can be seen because of the great paintjob on this. The reason for this unit not being powder-coated is because if the powder-coating was covering the fins of the radiator, it would be harder to cool the water, so this is the only part of the kit painted and not powder-coated. The fins of this product along with the tubing are constructed of copper which is used in heat sinks as many of you know because of it?s ability to extract heat. This is good compared to most radiators because others use copper tubing and aluminum fins which pretty much cancels out the effectiveness of the copper tubing. This radiator comes with pre-tapped holes as well to make installation to case and 120mm fan easy for the user. The only down part of this radiator is that the fittings are for ?? tubing, but this kit has 3/8? tubing. We used a little bit of disk washer soap around the leads and the 3/8? tubing slid right over it! This makes a tighter seal than the ?? but requires a little elbow grease.

Appearance: 9/10
Construction: 8/10

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