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Aquastealth II Extreme Watercooling Kit

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120 x 38mm, 86cfm, 36dB HydroWave bearing quiet fan

The Hydro Wave bearing fan was quite heavy after picking it up. The fins were solidly constructed without any bend-ability. The rated cfm of airflow for this fan are well over any 60, 80 or even 92mm case fans at a whopping 86cubic feet per minute of air movement. This is an EXCELLENT rating because when you are overclocking you are going to definitely need the extra cooling! As far as the loudness, this fan has been scaled at 36db which to the average user means SILENT! Upon installation, I was worried my computer was frying because I didn?t hear the fan start up like my 80mm case fans. I am not joking at all about this- I quickly shutdown my computer to make sure everything was running. Overall, this fan is very effective and quiet.

Construction: 8/10
Loudness: 10/10
Airflow: 9/10

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